Even though we at FitLeap tend to be lean on things, we have, of course, planned a structured way forward. You always need a lighthouse to get to, otherwise you will miss your destination. Please see what is coming next at FitLeap.

Development of Concept
  • Research & market analysis
  • Business model
  • Teambuilding
Private Seed Round
  • Company formation
  • Launch website
  • Lightpaper
MVP Minimum Viable Product
  • Launch FitLeap iOS App
  • Walk & Earn
  • Influencer campaigns
Security Token Offering (STO)
  • Whitepaper
  • EU Compliant Security Token
  • Roadshow
FitLeap Passive Income Token (FIT)
  • Listing on crypto exchange
  • Monthly Investor relations reports
  • Monthly payouts (10% Net Revenue Share)
FitLeap Marketplace
  • Launch FitLeap marketplace
  • Fitness products & services
  • Development of own fitness food products
FitLeap App
  • Update FitLeap iOS App
  • Launch FitLeap Android App
  • Connector to 3rd party fitness apps
  • New languages
  • Expansion to new markets
  • International ambassador program
  • International roadshow
Launch FitLeap fitness food
  • Own fitness food products
  • Proteins, supplements, superfoods
  • Ongoing product development
Product development FitLeap wearable
  • FitLeap fitness & Sleep tracker
  • Unique product design
  • Decentralized Data Storage
  • FitLeap wearable OS
MVP FitLeap wearable
  • Decentralized fitness & Health data
  • Blockchain enabled health data storage
  • Zero Knowledge data analysis
Launch FitLeap wearable
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Integration with FitLeap App and marketplace
  • Decentralized Data Storage
  • International marketing campaigns