FitLeap Passive Income Token

We are building a platform that connects users living a healthy lifestyle and businesses like personal trainers, gyms, e-commerce and health insurers. An increasing user base will fuel the growth of health data and demand of businesses. The FitLeap Passive Income Token (FIT) is a European regulated Security Token with a 10% net revenue share.

FitLeap Security Token (FIT)

Revenue ShareFitLeap offers the most attractive security token model to investors. Token holders get a 10% net-revenue share of all FitLeap products and services.

Revenue SourcesFitLeap main revenue sources are digital products & services (App subscriptions, Advertisement) and E-Commerce sales (fitness food, supplements etc.).

Advantage Other security tokens offer a profit share which means that you need to wait till the company becomes profitable. This can take years! As a FitLeap Security Token (FIT) holder you benefit immediately from our increasing revenue.

StakingStake you FIT Tokens in your personal FitLeap wallet and earn a monthly passive income. Benefit from the compound interest effect.

FitLeap Token Sale

A one-time issue of all 500.000.000 FIT tokens. 50% of which will be available for sale.

50% sold to contributors during the STO

All unsold tokens will be burned.

25% for FitLeap founders, employees & advisors

Founders tokens locked for 24 months. Advisors tokens locked for 12 months.

20% for the Company Growth Fund

Held in reserve for future growth and expansion.

5% for the Community Development Fund

To attract new community members, partners and influencers.